Bring our Experts to your business…

We offer a wide range of business related services for startups and existing owners.  Most startup companies find it difficult to build a new business and handle the tedious paperwork. Existing business owners often get bog down in the day to day operations and find it hard to keep up with paperwork.  If this describes you, well you are in the right place to get the help you need.

Unlike other business centers, resource providers or local business community service organizations, we offer solutions that are need the most to guarantee the success of your business.

Finding experts who are affordable is a major problem.  We take the burden off business owners by providing expertise in all areas professional services often needed such as accounting, bookkeeping, record-keeping, tax services, financial planning, payroll, marketing, strategic planning, IT security, computer support, consulting, counseling, coaching and insurance.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships for life of your business by providing quality, efficient and up-to-date solutions from starting your business to when you are ready to retire or sell your company.

Start With An Idea.

Our company started with a simple solutions to a common problem.

Startup Support Services are available to  help you manage, organize and structure your thoughts and  ideas to help start your business.  Business planning, financial planning, forming a business, marketing and operational planning is offered in workshops or consultations.  Click Here to Get Started

What we do next…Plan to Build

plan-300x300How to build a successful business is what we focus on next.  After getting your ideas, thoughts and plan out what you desire to do, we will provide all the support you may need to start the plans to build your business.  The following services can be provided individually or included in a mentoring program. This is the time to plan your budget for the professional services much needed to grow your business.


  • Financial Support services

  • Is provided by our tax department, IT Tax Solutions which include accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, invoicing and billing.  You will need this group of services to create a budget for operating your business and building a cashflow. Click here for more information 

  • Management and marketing services

    Which include tools or programs available to help you engage your clients when sharing documents, paying online to collect your money fast and easy, book appointments, text messages and more. This is a fast, simple solutions to capture your clients who may be on the internet searching for the products or services you may provide.  The plan packages range from 19.95 per month to 39.95 per month.  Click Here Now!

meeting conferenceWhat we do…Plan to Grow your Team

  • Advising and mentoring is necessary for startups or existing business owners to build better relationships when planning future growth.  Tips and suggestions for locations, marketing plans, research, employees, laborers, contractors, clients, vendors and legal service plans are discussed in detailed. Mentoring programs focus on building relationships for personal development, business management and spiritual growth.  This plan is customized and the cost ranges from $1275 to $3675 monthly.  Click here customize your plan

discussionWhat we do…Plan to Execute

  • Plan to Execute

    Is putting it all together and launching all plans to operate your business.  Funding, marketing, management and training is now set in place and you are ready to do business and reach potential goals.  Any other services such as home office setups, networking, cabling, computer repairs, backup plans and more can be packaged in your mentoring program.  If you are a startup and in this phase of your business, we can review your startup plans and assist you  in executing or launching your business ideas.  Click here to get started!