sbs logoSince 1998, our company have provided service for thousands of individuals who started a new business, needed funding, accounting services, tax preparation, administrative support, ongoing mentoring and coaching.  Here are some clients who are still with us.

Customers who support us:

Ivan – Since 1998 Wilcox Lawn and Management Services

Tamika- Since 1999 B Fly LLC

Kessa – Since 2001 Morehairbykessa

Leisha- Since 2002 A-1 Home Inspection

Newson, Since 2011 International Good Services LLC

Matthew-Since 2011 Paris Home Inspection LLC

Enoch- Since 2013 My Thoughts LLC

Kevin- Since 2014 KB Power Washing LLC

Alex- Since 2014 Team3337 Wireless

NOTE:  If you are a current client who agree to post your comments or business name and it is missing from the above list, please contact us so we can add your name and business website.  Thanks in advance for wiliness to share your experiences with others.